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Love is all you need! One of the last couples to marry before lockdown COVID -19 with only 5 guests

Jen contacted me about creating some keepsakes using her bouquet, recommended through Sian and her team at the Flower Lounge Manchester. When lockdown was announced on the 23rd March.

I thought that would be the last bouquet piece I made for a while, I was feeling a little sad that the buzz of flowers arriving through the post was going to come to a halt.

Astonished I received a message a few days before to say that she was going ahead with just 5 guests the government restictions with weddings being completely banned a few days later by the PM.

I was overjoyed that after a year of planning Jen and Andy had decided to go ahead. Not what they had planned entirely, but a magical one with the priority of becoming husband and wife. I was more excited for them than ever because of the situation. It really highlighted with the uncertainty what really matters.

A year spent planning Jen and Andy had to postpone everything apart from the short ceremony and a glass of bubbles with only parents and siblings.

Jenny and Andy got married at the stunning Didsbury House Hotel, despite the circumstances and had a wonderfully special day. I have never been but hopefully will one day visit with my scissors ready to collect some foliage from the lovely grounds.

Jen said, “There was lots of touching elbows instead of handshakes and hugs and everyone had to sit with spaces between them as we said I do... very surreal! My mum and I had to do each other’s make-up and hair... not ideal for someone (me!) who is rubbish at both!! “

Wedding Photographer Mike Plunkett captured the day perfectly.

Beautiful images created around the grounds and the shot in the greenhouse works perfectly. Jenny & Andy look amazing, totally relaxed and wonderfully happy.

Flowers by Flower Lounge Look at the beautiful displays effortlessly and thoughtfully created by Sian and her team that dress the site perfectly.

Ceremony Didsbury House Hotel

Photo credits Mike Plunkett

Jens dad arrived at my house socially distanced of course with a seletion of stems that were beautiful in colour and the smell was devine! I felt a little emotional for them as they hadn’t had the day they had planned and with COVID feeling a little anxious.

I am not going to lie I did feel a little more pressure than usual to create a perfect piece! I popped them in water, rolled out my clay and waited for a time when I knew I wouldn’t be interrupted.

As a maker it's wonderful to sell work in a gallery or shop. But to actually create bespoke pieces for people is so rewarding and really pushes you as a maker. You are creating for people. When working with the flowers and the process there is no template only knowledge previous mistakes and your skill with the material, knowing what could go wrong! I made good sized vases for the mothers, the jug and a complimentary set of wall pieces. The wax flower and foliage gave an especially beautiful impression.

#wedding bouquet preservation

It was an absolute pleasure to create the pieces and I wish Jen & Andy the most magical adventure as husband and wife a truly lovely couple. They looked effortlessly glowing on their special day.

Photo credit Mike Plunkett

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