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Ceramic Botanist by Louise Condon Designs Craft stand, flower show Cheshire
Ceramic Botanist by louise Condon Designs

I am a Designer/Maker working in a variety of 2D and 3D materials. I create alongside teaching Art + Design in an FE College. I have always felt inspired in natural environments, curious and fascinated by the objects I find such as plants, unusual flowers, shells, and pebbles. I love to go out and collect wild plants and objects that reflect the seasons and the changes in nature. The excitement never leaves me when i am waiting the arrival of a certain plant during the changing seasons. The first arrival of the year for me is the Snowdrop, creating pieces from the batch i can source i then wait until the following year. This really keeps the creativity fresh and exciting.


The pieces I create are tactile and capture the structure and form of the plant at that particular point in its life cycle. Each piece I create is individual in its composition. I capture scenes from nature whether it’s from the bareness of winter and the beautiful skeletal structures or the fullness of the summer bloom. I create the pieces by hand and use cranks and grogged stoneware clay. The firing’s really enhance the body of the clay creating an overall rustic effect that doesn’t distract from the botanical compositions which are enhanced by oxide pigments.


It’s important that we celebrate and promote the importance of wildflowers that are diminishing in our British countryside and cities. Wild flowers support pollinators such and butterflies and bees and support insect eating birds.


My main range is Ceramic Botanist by Louise Condon Designs work is based purely on botanicals.

I work on a variety of personal commissions creating pieces using botanicals from gardens, which is a popular gift idea for plant lovers. I find it intriguing to see which stems people select to represent their connection to their garden. 

Creating everlasting pieces using the floral wedding bouquet is a lovely gift idea for family and friends. I create sensitive and subtle memories of a loved ones funeral stems, or flowers from their gardens.

Designing and making a range of handmade pieces from my studio in Chester. Recent works have been on display at Galleries including Oriel Mostyn, at Country Living fairs and a number of RHS flower shows. Working with  Great British Gardens UK, local Flower farmers, Flowers from the Farm,  a wide range of Florists and Floral Designers and recently becoming a supplier for Dorfold Hall. Featured as a Hitched supplier as well as featuring at John Lewis as part of Curated Makers. I am also a member of the Crafts Council Directory.

All set up and ready to go at Hampton Court Flower show. It’s absolutely stunning the sett

My Studio


The studio is situated in the garden. It's a long space and holds a potters wheel, slab roller, work benches and lots of recycled rustic shelving and cupboards for storage, a 60 litre Potclays kiln and a 95litre Northern kiln both toploaders and lots of plants hanging and drying. People are always welcome to visit by appointment. I grow lots of seasonal flowers in my own garden which are used to create my collection "Iris".

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Ceramic Botanist by Louise Condon Designs
Ceramic Botanist by louise Condon Designs
Ceramic Botanist by Louise Condon Designs
Botanical Tiles
Ceramic Botanist by Louise Condon Designs
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Ceramic Botanist by Louise Condon Designs studio Chester