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Wall hanging tiles

This process allows me to document wild flowers and plants as they evolve and change through the seasons like specimens. All tiles feature professional flower preservation and are individually hand made and composed from a variety of botanical plants, each composition slightly different. Tiles vary in size from as small as 5cm x 5cm to 50cm x 50cm. Tiles are made from a range of grogged stoneware and crank clays.  Tiles are mounted on to wood for display and in tray frames.

Handmade Botanical wall art
Vetch plant wall tiles, ceramic Louise Condon Designs
Botanical, wall art 28cm by 28cm heavy crank test t
ferns, ceramic wall piece
How can we possibly have favourites! My
Blue plant wall collection Louise Condon Designs
Botanical wall collection interior decor
Garden plants preserved, Garden style
Handmade cow parseley wall tiles
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